Garage Door Spring Repair Whitby, Ontario

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If your garage door is not going up and down properly you may be dealing with damaged springs. Many Whitby homeowners find that they need to repair or replace the springs in order to get their door working properly again. You may first notice an issue with the springs when the door suddenly seems much heavier and it becomes almost impossible to raise or lower it. If you’re in search for garage door spring repair Whitby, Ontario is one of many cities we serve.

Two main types of springs used in garage doors are torsion springs, which are mounted above the door, and extension springs, which are mounted above the door track. If your door has faulty springs you may notice the following issues:

  • The door does not stay up when it is raised
  • The door will not stay in position when it is partially raised
  • The garage door becomes extremely heavy as its weight is not relieved by the springs

You may be tempted to try and fix these items yourself but this is very dangerous. They are under a lot of pressure and if they break while you are attempting repairs you can be seriously injured. It is essential for you to find a licensed, experienced technician to complete repairs safely and quickly.

When you call Whitby Garage Door Repair, we send out a licensed specialist who will examine your door and find the source of your problem. We will provide you with an estimate that will cover the cost of any needed materials and labor costs. We are familiar with a wide range of different garage door models and have the tools and the expertise to get your door opening and closing smoothly and efficiently again.

If your door is beginning to stick or is not opening smoothly, contacting our technicians as quickly as possible is essential. They will be able to repair the problem before your springs let go completely and will allow you to get your home back to normal. If you need garage door spring repair Whitby, Ontario and surrounding areas can contact us 24 hours for emergency service.