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A garage door opener is a fantastic invention. It can allow you to raise or lower your garage door from inside your home or vehicle. If you live in Whitby Ontario you know that being able to enter your garage in the winter without stepping outside your car is a very welcome feature. But what do you do when that opener doesn’t work? Call our licensed technicians, of course. Whenever you need garage door opener repair Whitby, Ontario will receive fast and reliable service.

A garage door opener uses a motorized device to raise and lower a door. While it does raise or lower the door a little, the actual work that finishes the door’s movement is actually provided by the springs and counterweights. The door is also held shut by the device instead of using a lock. These are simple devices but they can occasionally malfunction and, when they do, it is essential to have an experienced technician come in to complete the repairs.

A technician will look at your model and perform some simple diagnostic tests in order to find out where the problem lies. Some common issues may include:

  • The unit failing to respond when the remote or wall switch is used
  • The door does not close fully
  • The door may reverse either after hitting the floor or before it is fully closed
  • The door does not open fully

All of these issues may be easy to fix but only if you have the right knowledge and experience. If you are dealing with any of these issues, contact Garage Door Repair Whitby today. We will send a specialist out to your home to see your unit in action and develop an accurate quote for repairs. Our company has experience with many different models of door openers and we can get your unit functioning properly as quickly and affordably as possible. If you need garage door opener repair Whitby and surrounding areas are within in our service area.